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We have become more ambitious since we started in 1995, hence our range of herbal liqueurs.

It is exciting to take aromatic herbs and tease the flavor out of them into a liqueur. This is why we strive to come up with new tantalizing flavours for our discerning customers. At Infuso Natura we take the finest herbs, mix in lots of enthusiasm and come up with new vibrant flavours.

Our deliciously fragrant old world liqueurs will delight the taste buds. We offer a wide selection; fennel, olive, liquorice, ginger, prickly pear, gentian, limoncello, almond and myrtle. Just one sip will be enough to take you back to that wonderland of captivating spices and aromas, just like Alice. At Infuso Natura we put our heart and soul into our products

Herbal Liqueurs


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