About Us

 At Infuso Natura our goal is to bring to you delicious, healthy products of the highest quality. The traditional methods that we use, along with the freshest local ingredients, give our products the unique authentic flavours which go hand in hand with the passion for culture and the traditions of Salento.

Infuso Natura is a business run by a family which produced artisan food. Each product is prepared in small batches after buying raw materials from local farmers. Moreover, it makes use of methods and recipes which the big businesses cannot easily use and realize in their production process, because of the machinery they use to better the production time and to make their products more competitive and more suitable for the big distribution. The main purpose of our business is not only the search of traditional products, which are typical of the culture of the Salento, but also the search of new products which meet our customers' needs and which, at the same time, respect taste, love, passion and the care for the details that each food artisan has to have as distinctive features.

Many years have been passed since 1995, when we founded our business, and the experience we have acquired during the period has made us understand that a good food education is very important. In fact the main thing for a small grower is that the customer knows the quality of the product he is going to buy and he also has to understand that its history is connected with the land, the culture, the tradition and the economy of the country where it is produced. In conclusion, it is the customer who increases the value of the small businesses. He gives dignity to the local economy and the possibility to realize the endurable development.